Woman Sells Pre-Chewed Food for $175 and Claims it’s a Bestseller


A woman’s TikTok video where she claims to sell pre-chewed food for $175 has gone viral, sparking mixed reactions of shock and amusement. Despite the weirdness of the idea, the woman managed to find a buyer for her product, taking her entrepreneurship to a new level.

The TikTok video, posted by @professionalgoddess, quickly gained immense popularity, with over 3.3 million views, and thousands of likes, comments, and shares. In the video, captioned “Chewed up food is one of my top sellers lately. Have you sold it before?”, the woman can be seen eating a large amount of food with her fingers and then spitting it all out into a ziplock bag.

A screenshot in the video shows that she earned $175 from the sale of the chewed food, accompanied by a cheeky tongue-out emoji.

The strange TikTok video has elicited both shock and amusement from viewers, with many expressing their opinions in the comments section.

One person joked that they wouldn’t try selling chewed food themselves for fear of getting caught and ending up in jail. Another commenter suggested that the demand for unusual items is high due to the number of people willing to purchase them.

A third viewer was curious about where the woman sells her chewed food, asking for more information. However, another person admitted that they would be too tempted to eat the food themselves and couldn’t resist.

Lastly, a parent found humor in the situation and joked about their own child’s habit of chewing and spitting out food, saying that they could have been a millionaire if they had sold it.

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The woman behind the chewed food business has found success in selling other strange items online. Her bio, “Weird Things I Sell on the Internet™️”, suggests that she specializes in selling unusual items online, with chewed food being just one of them.

In another video, she explained how she had the idea to sell her cracked phone screen after realizing that someone might be interested in owning it, thanks to her prolonged use and leaving her DNA on it.

She seems to have a talent for turning anything she touches into money, as demonstrated by her sale of a used tissue for $70 in another video. And at the request of her fans, she revealed the weirdest thing she had ever sold online: her IUD for a four-figure sum.

Whether you find selling items like chewed food, hair, or used tissues to be a viable and quick way to make money or too disgusting to even contemplate, it’s clear that there aren’t many people who would want to buy these kinds of items. Nonetheless, this woman has shown that she can turn just about anything into cash.


The article you provided describes a woman who reportedly sells pre-chewed food from her mouth for $175 and claims it is one of her top-selling items. This behavior is unusual and potentially unsanitary. It is important to be cautious and consider the potential health risks involved in consuming food that has been pre-chewed by another person.

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